An emerging technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to transform the online business world

Retail Chain   |     300 - 350 Employees

Nowadays, shoppers have a wide variety of options to choose from online shopping. However, to purchase any item, they tend to research extensively before making their final decision.

  • How do you ensure that shoppers choose you over your competitors if they have several choices?
  • How do you find the right customer who wants your product at the correct rate and to the places you can ship?
  • If a retailer sells a product or provides a service, how can they keep this customer for life?
  • How can eCommerce websites increase sales despite high traffic and clicks?

For the retailers to maintain their success, upselling and cross-selling products through its e-commerce platform had been a significant aspect of its success. For the most part, artificial intelligence is responsible for product recommendation technology in the digital world.

Besides recommending products, artificial intelligence can also be used by online retailers to provide chatbot services, analyze customer comments, and provide personalized services.

There has been an increased number of active chatbots conversions in recent times. This is visible as a part of the overall omni channel presence by eCommerce companies.

The chatbot has evolved from customer support to service sales. But, unfortunately, there are few compelling use cases.

  1. Chatbot helps assist online users while shopping. Chatbot conversation AI helps tailor the personalized offer. The chatbot can be leveraged as a guided tool for any advisory
  2. During the conversation chatbot can resolve the issue without any human interaction, which in turn increases customer satisfaction if the product does not meet the expectations
  3. Chatbot also helps customers through effective navigation for the order return or any direction to a given local store. This avoids long waits for any service representative on the phone anymore.
  4. AI-driven FAQ can be blended in Chat conversation, impacting the customer experience where they are most popular and are often those with the most significant user experience and ease of interaction.
Merchants increasingly rely on personalization to not only engage consumers, but also to increase sales, increase conversions, and increase repeat purchases.

As a result, machines can crunch data rapidly, allowing for real-time optimizations and scalability. Using collected and processed data, companies can offer personalized recommendations to customers in real-time and thus provide a more personalized and user-friendly shopping experience.

With the use of artificial intelligence in online shopping, the E-commerce industry can undergo a transformation based on predicting shopping patterns based on products that consumers buy and when they buy them. The online retailer may send a personalized offer to online shoppers who buy the same brand of item repeatedly, or it may even use machine learning to suggest a companion product.

In order to determine which marketing techniques are most effective at influencing customer behavior, we can apply machine learning algorithms to past purchases, searches, and web browsing habits. Product recommendations have several benefits for E-commerce retailers, including the following:

  • An increased number of returning customers.
  • Higher customer retention and sales rate.
  • Personalized shopping is a way to make shopping more enjoyable.
  • Deploy a business email campaign tailored to the recipient’s needs.
A crucial part of AI in Ecommerce marketing is the application of personalization, which is considered among the most effective methods. Machine learning algorithms help to capture information from online customers to enable a better understanding of their needs and facilitate better service.

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Lakshmi is a team manager at Arocom. She is enthusiastic about learning and using the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. Her main interest is in finding areas where AI and Machine Learning can be applied to solve problems.

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