Enhance Wealth Management through Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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Today’s world has grown speedily where everyone at different stages, associations are managing their financial portfolio with the best of their knowledge, market condition, and passion. This often ends up with a lot of complexity as there has been greater volatility visible across different financial components.

We target a few high individual net worth or private equity players or banking companies who manage wealth on behalf of their clients for this discussion. There are a couple of scenarios where we do not have a straightforward answer, and it requires extensive work in the background to present a few numbers.

  1. What is in the client’s best interests? Who decides, and how is it communicated?
  2. Is the client at all times, right? How do you put your expertise?
  3. Who is controlling and directing in this relationship between advisor and client?
  4. What / How will you improve this relationship?
There has been a technology shift on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which helps answer the questions / Challenges above. The advisor plays a significant role in defining what the customer needs and how you will present and get back to them to gain their trust and confidence.

Human computing has always been challenging and often results in a significant number of tangible errors or overlooked. AI and ML facilitate and provide enough information for the advisor to share the outcomes with their clients, which helps the client to make informed decisions. Using modern computation power, an advisor can produce or simulate more than one configuration to build and derive the required insight.

A machine learning algorithm can analyze a vast amount of data much faster and more accurately than a human. Machine learning enables algorithms to analyze large sets of data to make predictions against predefined goals. As more data is input, these algorithms adjust based on the results from trial and error to produce increasingly accurate predictions.

Models developed using machine learning can assist portfolio managers in execution, idea generation, the selection of alpha factors, asset allocation, position-sizing, and strategy testing.

By implementing Machine Learning into investment processes, asset managers can now accurately eliminate systematic biases by bringing together a broad range of data sources about an individual or team’s trading history, communication patterns, psychological characteristics, and time-management practices. As a result of this digital transformation, firms can identify their performance drivers and behavioral root causes more advanced and individualized than before.

Most of the time, the advisor engages with the client to know about lifestyle and social status compared to finding out uncovering specific investment objectives. To overcome this, advisors will now have to showcase the impact of inflation, simulated computation to depict how much the client can make or lose if the market fluctuates either way. An advisor can find the client’s ability to handle risk.

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Lakshmi is a team manager at Arocom. She is enthusiastic about learning and using the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. Her main interest is in finding areas where AI and Machine Learning can be applied to solve problems.

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